Monday, 10 March 2008

The Coen Brothers

The 2008 Academy Awards was an unprecedented recognition of European acting talent which saw not even a single American actor or actress named amongst the winners.

However, it was the Coen brothers who saved the day for American filmmaking, scooping both Best Picture and Best Direction awards for No Country For Old Men. The pair, Joel and Ethan Coen, had previously received Oscar winning notoriety for Fargo back in 1996.

No Country For Old Men is a novel by American writer Cormac McCarthy, which was rewritten for film by the Coens, who also picked up the award for Best Adapted Screenplay. Joel Coen paid tribute to the writer during his speech, placing him in the esteemed company of Homer.

“I think whatever success we've had in this area has been entirely attributable to how selective we are. We've only adapted Homer and Cormac McCarthy,” he said.

Best Supporting Actor Javier Bardem was quick to attribute his success to the work of the directing duo, as he mocked his character’s haircut in the film.

“Thank you to the Coens for being crazy enough to think that I could do that and put one of the most horrible haircuts in history over my head,” he said.

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