Monday, 10 March 2008

Marion Cotillard

Somewhat more surprising than Day-Lewis’ Oscar victory was the award given to Marion Cotillard. It’s very rare that a foreign language film is recognized by the Academy within a main category, let alone a member of the film’s cast.

French biopic La Vie en Rose tells the story of ‘the Little Sparrow’, Edith Piaf, from her humble beginnings in the 1920’s. She was moved from pillar to post during her childhood as the daughter of an alcoholic street singer and a circus performer, until some good fortune comes her way.

When she is spotted singing on the street at the age of 20 her life changes dramatically and she becomes not just a famous singer, but also a national icon. Cotillard plays every age of the singer’s life, culminating in her famous rendition of signature song ‘Non, je ne regrette rien.’

She wasn’t only a success in the film but also on the red carpet, as her full-length gown made by Jean Paul Gualtier wowed critics and fans alike.

When giving her acceptance speech she was both tearful and glowing with joy, while still managing to acknowledge the Academy in classic French style.

She said: “Thank you love, thank you life. It is true there are some angels in this city.”

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